Friday, February 20, 2009


All of these dates are going to be with friend, John Barrett's Bass Drum of Death.
Keep on the lookout for tour vids from the road!

Feb.26-Murfreesboro, TN- @The Grind.

Feb.27- Atlanta, GA- @Star Bar- VICE party.

Feb.28- Athens, GA-  @Tasty World.

Mar.1- Charleston, SC- @House Show-255 Ashley street.

Mar.2-Chapel Hill, NC- @Local 506.

Mar.3- Harrisonburg, VA- @Blue Nile.

Mar.4- Baltimore, MD- @Joe Squared 

Mar.5- Washington DC- @Velvet Lounge.

Mar.6- Philadelphia, PA- @Tritone Bar

Mar.7- Brooklyn- @Don Pedro's w/demon's claws

Mar.8- Hoboken, NJ- @Maxwell's w/reigning sound.

See you fuckers there!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Just got back from our 2nd tour-run of the new year... It was super rad... St Louis, Chicago, Detroit.

St. Louis- we played at Deluxe.. super nice staff.. we ended up playing in front of 9 people on Valentine's Night... funny enough.... we sold the most merch that night.. i think every person that night bought something.. Thanks to the Deluxe bar tenders for letting us go well over our free 25 dollar per person bar tabs... and then pulling money out of their own pockets to help us get to chicago the next day.

Later in the St. Louis night- our boy Geoff, of The Radical Sons, hosted us at his mother's mansion... I believe this was the first night in Turbo Fruits history that we all had our own rooms and beds to sleep in while on tour. Bong + Mansion = great sleep.

CHICAGO- a bit different.. We got to play with Monotonix... rad rad rad. don't bother standing in the front of a packed room to watch them... they will make their stage-front rounds to everyone in the room. As I was making my way up through the tight pissed off at me crowd to get a closer look, the Monotonix boys were playing/struttin right past me to play in the back of the room.

Later in the Chicago Night- stayed with our good friend Dylan Andrews... Volcano, Tim and Eric's Awesome Show.. Cy got the spins. a Turbo Fruits record for two straight nights of good sleep on tour.

DETROIT- This night goes out to Craig, of Terrible Two's. He set up the best show for a monday night in out-of-town-Turbo-tour-history. All the bands were awesome.. very accommodating.. nice crowd.. 1 dollar beers... everything to make our night wonderful.

Later in the DETROIT night- Allison, of Awesome Color, hopped in the Van with us at 2am and took us to a 24hour detroit diner called DULEYS... Fuckin' Amazing... 6 coney's, two large fries, a drink and a Nutty(donut) all for 16 bucks.. these guys were great.

Yesterday was the shittiest drive we've had in a while... Detroit all the way to nashville... We almost drove into Canada on accident..again... last time TurboFruits did that, we had our souls stolen by the border patrol.. the two officers individually strip searched each band member... not going to tell why.