Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Goodbye NYC Weed Delivery! .. hello ALABAMA?

Little Cubes of goodness... only in New York City can you call a service and have them deliver some fine smokey treats to your doorstep. Purple panic? or C-4? I liked the C-4

The place I was subletting in Brooklyn came with this little cat named Bandito... he's one lazy dude.. he thought that my bed was his bed. He got stoned of that purple panic.. listened to volcano and passed the fuck out.

Satan's Youth Ministers- Just played a couple shows down in BAMA... played in Florence/Muscle Shoals... home of Muscle Shoals Sound Studios...where Rolling Stones Wild Horses was written and recorded... enough said. anyways... Satan's youth ministers.. bitchin' band from that area... one of the better things i've seen in a while... I got a couple pictures of the singer...take a look for yourself

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Coney Island/David Byrne/Beer!

CONEY ISLAND- another strange trip out to the island... originally planning on going to the best pizza place ever, Totonno's. bummer it was closed for renovation... tried to stay positive and settle for the Original Nathan's Hotdog.. it was good, but it's no Totonno's Pizza.. Then we made our way to the Cyclone roller coaster... had to sneak my camera on to take some horrible footage. I'll try to upload it.

DAVID BYRNE- He played in Prospect Park..really good.... I also saw him play last fall at the Ryman Auditorium back in Nashville... so far he's two for two... always succeeds to please.

PERNOI- Oh so good... friend of mine found out that this nice italian place in the lower west side was giving away free appetizer with every purchase of PERONI Beer. super legit.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NEW YORK! Hudson river- car shards.

HUDSON RIVER- This dude named charles took me out on the hudson river on his super awesome wooden boat. really fun, really fast, really stoned.

CAR WRECK- right by the Manhattan bridge were these two very neatly parked cars and it looks like they tried to kill eachother.