Tuesday, March 24, 2009

some SXSW

So we left our video camera in nashville during SXSW in Austin.. but we did get a few iphone pics from our buddy Jamie Davis from ARK recordings... they took us out to a dank meal at the Boiling Pot in Austin... some of the most fun you can have while eating and drinking.

Unfortunately we couldn't document our crazy times... The Highlight of the trip might have been the first day, tuesday the 17th.. We drove 11 hours from Nashville to Denton, TX.. to play HOUSE by HOUSE west... (festival of house shows) anyways.. in the Van for 11 hours about to lose our minds.. and we pull up to nice weather, friends, bitchin' house party/show and probably the most exciting Turbo Fruits show of the whole trip.. we were showered in beer and were not able to take a real shower for 48 hours... but it was all worth it.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The southern leg of the tour is done tonight. We have some pretty good stuff. Here's a preview.